分体式全自动CIP系统 Split type full-auto CIP cleaning system
​全自动CIP清洗时指设备(罐体、管道、泵、阀门等)及整个生产线在无需人工拆开的前提下,在闭合的回路中进行循环清洗。 The operating principle of the full auto CIP cleaning system means that the tank body,pipelines,pumps and all valves and also the whole processing line are cleaned on line no need to disconnect the pipes or the equipments,all cleanings are
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分体式半自动CIP系统Split type semi-auto CIP cleaning system
ldsport乐动app下载分体式半自动CIP系统清洗液的加热为自动加热方式,通过温度控制仪设定清洗温度,控制蒸汽调节阀的开启量来限制蒸汽的量从而使清洗液维持在所需的温度;The heating way for the cleaning liquid is auto-heating.The operating principle:set the cleaning temperaturethrough the temperature controller to control the steam control valve's opening frequency to limit the steam amount
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小型联体式CIP系统 Small conjunct type CIP cleaning system
本系统可单独进行酸洗、碱洗、热水冲洗等工序,也可根据需要编制特定的清洗程序进行全自动的清洗;不仅能有效的将设备清洗赶紧,而且还能控制微生物生长;同时可根据客户要求配置半自动和全自动控制系统。The system can perform the acid cleaning,alkali cleaning and hot water cleaning separately.And also the system can draw up the special full-auto cleaning program according to the request.It can not only al
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