美拉德反应罐系统 Su Maillard reaction tank

美拉德反应罐系统 Su Maillard reaction tank


The sumilard reaction tank mainly includes reaction tank body, mixing system (mixing motor, mixer reducer, scraper mixing), jacket heating system and other operating units. The feeding hole is vertical, and the design is equipped with a drop net. The lower outlet is equipped with a non stagnation bottom valve. The jacket inlet steam inlet and condensate outlet are symmetrical two, and the temperature probe is divided into the upper, middle and lower three, and a detachable fan scraper is designed at the bottom of the mixing shaft.




working principle:

We consider that the Maillard reaction of osteopontin is a thermal reaction at a higher temperature. Before using Maillard reaction tank, it is necessary to close the non stagnant bottom valve, and then add the measured liquid material. Then open the vertical feeding port and add the materials needed for Maillard reaction. Before adding, the mixing motor and reducer need to be turned on first. At this time, driven by the mixing shaft, the scraper mixing, push mixing and frame mixing all rotate with the mixing shaft. The polyphenylene propylene scraper with spring installed on the scraper stirrer scrapes the material adhered to the tank wall, and the frame stirring beam is 45 ° away from the shaft. The angle forms a downward thrust. Solid materials are added after the start of mixing to prevent large foreign matters from falling into the tank. In order to prevent the added solid material from depositing into the dead angle under the support seat of the stirring shaft, the bottom fan-shaped scraper can stir and dissolve the material. At this time, the steam is turned on, and the steam heats the materials inside the tank through the jacket baffle and jacket head, and the condensate water formed is discharged through the condensation nozzle. In order to prevent operators from scalding or heat loss, an insulating layer is added to the tank. Close the vertical feeding port for reaction. During the reaction, the temperature of the probe was observed, and the stirring speed and direction were adjusted. After the reaction, close the steam and open the non stagnant bottom valve for discharging. After discharging, turn off the mixing and start the cleaning ball to clean the inner wall of the tank to complete the whole reaction process.






Advantages of Maillard reaction tank:

1. All units of the system are made of high quality stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food hygiene;

2. Continuous feeding, automatic discharge, realize continuous and controllable Maillard reaction, improve reaction efficiency;

3. The compound stirring system solves the problems of difficult cleaning and coking of Maillard reaction tank in use;

4. The aroma recovery device effectively avoids the loss of aroma substances in the Maillard reaction of osteopontin.