酸奶专用杀菌系统 Yogurt pasteurizer

酸奶专用杀菌系统(四段式)Yogurt pasteurizer(4 sections)


This machine is specially designed for yogurt production,the technical parameters are as following:inlet at5℃→65℃(homogenizer)→sterilize at 90-95℃(hold for 300S)→outlet at 43℃.


This system adopts 90-95°C,holding for 5 minutes procedure,which ensures to get a most suitable pasteurize efficiency.The yoghurt pasteurizer can make most of the whey protein denaturation and be combined with water to produce stable texture,good taste of yoghurt.It is the best choice of the yoghurt processing in milk plant.


This system uses PGB type warm holding tank to keep warm for the holding tubes.Structure of the holdingtank:adopts SUS304-2B stainless steel as material,the coil tubes are insulated by silicate in the tank.