乳品饮料类生产线交钥匙工程 Turnkey project

乳品饮料生产线 交钥匙工程

Turn key project of dairy beverage production line

       ldsport乐动app下载成立于2005年,公司总部坐落于上海市金山亭林工业区, 分公司坐落于江苏徐州高新技术开发区,注册资本6668万,占地面积近100000㎡, 现有员工400余人,是一家专注于健康设备领域的专业化科技发展型机械制造企业。

Established in 2005, Shanghai Benyou Machinery Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Tinglin Industrial Zone, Jinshan City, Shanghai. Its branch is located in Xuzhou high tech Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. With a registered capital of 66.68 million, it covers an area of nearly 100000 m2 and has more than 400 employees. It is a professional scientific and technological development machinery manufacturing enterprise focusing on the field of health equipment.

       公司集科研开发、工艺设计服务、工程总包、设备制造、安装调试及培训 为一体。 

The company integrates scientific research and development, process design services, engineering general contracting, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training.

       从事果蔬前处理、乳制品、饮料、果酱、纯净水、肉骨 加工、蛋品加工、宠物食品、特医食品、酒类加工等以及生物 制药、精细化工等生产线的设计、制造、安装等交钥匙工程。

Engaged in turnkey projects such as fruit and vegetable pretreatment, dairy products, beverages, jam, purified water, meat and bone processing, egg processing, pet food, special medical food, wine processing, as well as the design, manufacturing and installation of production lines such as biopharmaceutical and fine chemical industry.